We survived!!!

18 Sep

I am here to report that operation twin-infant camping trip was a success!

I was worried on the morning of our departure that it was going to be too chilly. My fears were intensified when I reached our destination and it was still chilly and cloudy. I had nagging thoughts in the back of my head that told me maybe I should leave and save this for another time. No. I soldiered on. And I am glad I did. The biggest thing I was scared of – unhappy babies in the middle of the night – turned out not being a problem at all. I didn’t sleep well but it was not because of the girls, my own unfounded worry kept up me most of the night. So how did all my gear hold up?

Pack and Play – did not use, we ended up clearing out the back of my Jeep, folding all the seats down and the girls and I slept in there. I was concerned about the tempurature going into the 40’s. It did, and we were all fine.

Beco Baby Carriers – WONDERFUL, well worth the purchase price even though I got mine second hand. I got a lot of second looks hiking around camp with a baby on my front and a baby on my back. I didn’t want to mess with having them nap in the tent and I knew they would sleep while I walked. Worked like a charm. Babies got sleep, I got exercise, we kept each other warm. Plus, plus, plus. The carriers worked well in the evening too before they went to sleep. The babies are pretty consistent with bedtime between 6 pm and 7 pm. Obviously, they were not going to sleep without me, so a friend and I wore them while they slept, and when I was ready all of us went to bed at the same time. Perfect.

JJ Cole Bundleme – used as a pillow for me, because I forgot mine. It was nice to have the option but I found it wasn’t necessary for us.

Old Navy Fleece Suits – LOVE. They were the cutest things I ever saw in the woods. Adorable and kept them toasty warm. I am looking forward to using those suits more this fall. I can also use them in the winter if I want to walk my dog and have them in the stroller.

Our overnight camping trip was a huge success. They were happy the whole time and did great in different surroundings. I am looking forward to next year because we will be going a lot more often. I think our first trip will be June. I almost want to get more of those suits for next year because even camping in June can get a little chilly in the mountains.




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