In-Home Movie Night

5 Sep

I have no desire to go to movie theaters anymore.  Since I do not get a lot of time without the babies the last place I want to spend 2 hours is sitting in a dark theater.  My husband is a such a die-hard movie fan/buff, I know it pains him but next year I could change my mind.

Last night we turned on Netflix and we selected “Machine Gun Preacher” starring Gerard Butler (  First off, I had no idea what it was about, or that it was based on a true store, all that mattered to me was it had 4.5 star rating by viewers.  It started out with a guy who is horribly deep into drugs and the depressing lifestyle that goes along with heroin addiction.  As if by magic, he is saved by the Lord, and turns his life around.  His path eventually leads him to develop his own business, build a church and an orphanage in a war zone in Sudan.  It seems like such an impossible story, but when I was watching it, it was hard to ignore that this man really has been touched by God.  Is he led by God, too?  I am not sure, but he has gone to great lengths to keep his cause going.

When the movie was over, I was thinking about how horrible people can be (in reference to the civil war in Sudan).  Are you really a person if you can mutilate others? Are you really a person if you have no second thoughts about harming innocent, and unprotected, women and children?  It really made me feel guilty for getting upset about the small things that I can get so easily wrapped up in when all I think about is my life inside my little bubble.  When the movie was over, I started a rampage in my bathroom, I am getting rid of everything I don’t use in here!!! The pain I had from watching some the scenes from the movie reinforced that I don’t need anything except God, my family and a roof over my head.

It is sad that there are people in far-away countries that fear for their lives every day. It’s not natural to live with fear every day.  I can only pray that unrest that exists in other parts of the world finally ends.  But, not to get all political, the problems that are in Syria are so intertwined and complicated that no even knows why they are fighting anymore.

Even though I don’t agree with a lot of things happening in our Government, I am so happy and blessed to be an American and living in the USA.  I hope that my children can grow up happy the way I have and that we won’t ever know what it feels like to have a war in our back yard.


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